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Total MPEG 3,359,122
Cooking MPEG 2,508,962
Farming NotGoodAlso 1,129,873
Magic NotGoodAlso 1,086,595
Invention Selan 963,605
Summoning Miss Hump 779,515
Construction MPEG 542,483
Constitution NotGoodAlso 370,792
Ranged Miss Hump 259,837
Thieving John Joe20 237,173
Slayer John Joe20 226,314
Mining Zephoria 140,055
Smithing Kakamile 81,604
Prayer NotGoodAlso 76,554
Attack John Joe20 57,432
Strength John Joe20 47,678
Defence John Joe20 47,678
Divination Miss Hump 15,164
Fletching Zephoria 15,000
Dungeoneering Miss Hump 14,116
Agility Miss Hump 11,643
Crafting Miss Hump 2,390
Herblore Miss Hump 2,385
Firemaking Miss Hump 1,612



Tracked players

Abusive Aerin Alkan Ardanwen Chloronium Disurge FireRed John Joe20 Kakamile learnfrom it Locituo Miss Hump MPEG Mr Hump My Death Bed NotGoodAlso Olaff Scotmai Selan STE4LTH C0W TPIZALICIOUS Villermen Zephoria ifweweregay nordisk tjej Noxarion Rehan Revan sassykitten The Bemon Of TheHerbMon Yann ZAP zezima